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Urgent Need Of Help

Urgent Need Of Help
Hello Friends and Family.

I am reaching out on behalf of my sister Agatha White.
Her life was shattered at the tender age of 10, in a terrible accident where she lost her best friend and sister, and also lost her right arm, she has always worked very hard to provide and support herself and her family. She wanted to be a normal person and not be seen as a person with disability.

In 2006 due to her having worked so hard with only one arm her whole life, her shoulder was in dire need of surgery which she was denied by the Hospital board. 
The specialist told her if she didn't get it operated on she would lose the use of the only arm she had.
Which left her no choice but to seek help outside of Canada. 
Now the specialist has informed her she will need another Rotator Cuff surgery very soon to be able to keep using her only arm.

To make matters worse,

In July of this year (2023) she was in desperate need of hip surgery. About a week after her first hip surgery she broke her hip bone due to having developed osteoporosis. Which led to surgery #2. Then a few weeks later she developed osteomyelitis leading to surgery #3. After almost 2 grueling months she was finally able to go home.

September 1st she was hospitalized in London Ontario due to the osteomyelitis which once again resurfaced. Unfortunately this led to surgery #4. Due to her having lost so much blood from the 4 surgeries in less than 2 months, they gave her blood transfusion. As a result to the blood that they gave her at the London Hospital, she developed blood poisoning. She is still in the Hospital being treated for the blood poisoning causing the need for her to be on very strong and costly antibiotics.

The doctors are having her stay longer at the hospital than expected. They need to monitor the infection in her hip bone. If the infection persists and they find the new steel hip is the cause, they will then need to do another major surgery and again do hip replacement.

Praying this does not need to happen...

Due to her not having any OHIP coverage, the medical bill is currently at $100,000 and climbing. She is in desperate need of financial help.
Any help is very much appreciated to help offset the medical bill.
Agatha and her family are very thankful for your compassion and for whatever financial help and prayers you can provide.
May you be blessed for your kindness, compassion and generosity!

Update: Agatha was released from the hospital in mid September but she is still on expensive medication. Reason being is that the infection she is suffering from is preventing her incision to heal. This is causing bacteria to seep out through the weakest point of the unhealed wound.

It is now nearing the end of Oct 2023 and she is still fighting in faith and believing for a miracle.

This page will be updated as things change for the better.

With God's blessings,
John Martens




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