One Vision One Heart is MyDHLife’s global cause. This foundation promotes change within our communities. A change so dramatic that it arranges one’s social, political, economical, and even ecological state of being. Every package purchased, by a MyDHLife member, allows us all to collectively take part in giving 10% of our companies net profits to One Vision One Heart.

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Once you’re registered, you can create your very own cause page. Upload images and videos, along with your story, to share with our entire membership base. Once your cause page is created, you’ll have your very own link to share and spread the word on many of the well known social media sites.

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We have personally built our platform from the ground up. All funds processed go through our SAFE and SECURE encryption technology.

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Our platform is supported WORLDWIDE. MyDHLife gives our customers this service totally FREE. Other funding sites require you to pay a fee for using their platform. At MyDHLife, it’s YOUR efforts, YOUR cause, and YOUR TOTAL AMOUNT RAISED!

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Our Member’s Causes

Paying For College

Hello my name is Jerry Weathers, I am married to my wife of 25 years, we have three children and two...

Created 534 days ago

$0 raised of $10,000

Assistance needed for the Jewish Homeless Woman in...

Hello friends and neighbors! A very good friend of mine fell victim to circumstances beyond her control...

Created 561 days ago

$0 raised of $5,000

Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation

My education and work experience has been in Wildlife Management and Conservation. There are local,...

Created 580 days ago

$0 raised of $25,000

Wilmington Youth Basketball Support

Working to benefit youth basketball development in the Wilmington, NC community, especially my grandson,...

Created 577 days ago

$0 raised of $15,000

A Jeff Margulis crowd-funding campaign

I need to raise funds to cover my past debts -- mostly personal loans going back some years.Plus there...

Created 588 days ago

$0 raised of $230,000

Early Investors Wealth Management Academy

In today's society many of us are learning the importance of wealth management and finances, And why...

Created 614 days ago

$0 raised of $15,000

Devastated By The Crisis.

Hello world.My name is James Richards.I am a dedicated father and husband.I am a warehouse management...

Created 452 days ago

$0 raised of $15,000

DominionHeir Mindset Course

DominionHeir Mindset Course Overcoming the way one processes thought is difficult. Perhaps, it...

Created 544 days ago

$0 raised of $5,000